Sunday, October 06, 2013

Trust in Us Catering x Hot97 Morning Show [Calligrafist Photography]

VERY Proud of My Guys Sheph x Fatmemoirs !!!

Friday 10/4/13 My Guys at Trust in Us Catering Catered The HOT97 Morning Show, The Reception and ReActions Were Awesome and Appreciative ! First Thing Rosenberg Said When He Say Me Was "I'm Fucking Hungry, Who Are These Guys.... I'm Excited".

So With "These Guys" Being Totally UnKnown, They Came in There and SHOW UP !!!
I Heard a Random 'Hmmmmm, This Sandwich is Good", and a "No I'm on a Diet, NO Try it its Good.... FUCK it This is Good".

Ebro Was Like "Anything Else Back There ?"
Rosenberg "You Guys Came Prepared"
Cipha Sounds "Ya'll are Like Real Fucking Chefs Huh?" Cipha Spent About 30 or so Minutes Just Talking food, Restaurant Life and Chef Life With Them !

Laura Stylez "You Guys are Amazing and This Food is Great"
Shani Kulture "Big Tings Big Tings... I Ate Two, I'm Good"
Big Dennis Gave Them a Shout on Live Air, Which is Below !
Yogie "I LOVE Anything That Has to do With Food and This is GREAT'
Dominican Drew "So You Guys Made This, I Didn't Expect This Egg and Veggie Joint to be This Good"
BrittanySky Was Acting Like She Wasn't Hungry, But She Tasted and Had a Smile After.

Can't Type Every Response, But Just Know These Guys Did The Damn Thing...

Proud of Them !

Pictures Below [All Photgraphy by: Calligrafist]

Enjoy The Pics... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites ! Thank You !


© 2013 Ismail Sayeed •

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Sheph x Rosenberg


Chicken Prep

Thai Chicken Sandwiches

Saw The Home Mack's Tape on The Table...

Banana Nut Pancakes [With a Fruit Berry Reduction]

Seasoned Veggie Egg Frittata

FatMemoirs x Ebro

Shani Enjoying The Food

Interrupting Rosenberg Before He Dug in !

Seasoned Egg Veggie Frittata

BrittanySky Goin In for The Kill

Big Dennis x Famemoirs

The Guys Had a LOOOOOOOOOOONG Convo With Cipha Sounds

Karlie Hustle x Ebro

Chef Talk !

Ebro x Trust | Boss Shit !

Hot97 Morning Show x Trust in Us Catering

Laura Stylez x Trust !

Big Dennis Dope Drop/Shoutout on LIVE Air !
Things You Dream About !
Yogie !!!

CoSign From The Big Homie Yogie

Chow Time !

We in Here !

Mama I Made It !


Big Dennis Put Them on The Gram !

Laura Stylez x Hot97 Am Show Twitter Love !

To View The Entire Album

Enjoy The Pics... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites ! Thank You !

My Personal Experience at Hot97 

Waiting for My Guys !

Name Tag

Waiting Room Before Rosenberg Came and Got Me !



John Decker said...

This is a great article I love all the pictures. It would be so cool to cater a radio show party. You would probably get to meet so many people. I used to love working for a catering company because you did get to meet a lot of people. You also get to service people great food and they usually always love it. However, it is important to have some great professional catering equipment to host a big party.

Christopher Deborah said...

I prefer the town of Greensboro, which is right on Lake Caspian -- my favorite lake in the state (it helps that I grew up near there). It's also pretty expensive to stay there, but if you want to splurge on a GREAT place, the Highland Lodge is awesome (right on the lake).


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