Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Knight for a Cause [Unique Zayas] #CalligrafistPhotography

Unique Zayas Organized a Fundraiser and Event for His Aunt "Lisa Zayas" Who Passed Away From Breast Cancer... Very Heart Felt Event, Hosted by Roblé at The DL in NYC ! 

Art, Music and Great Individuals... Excellent Cause, Much Respect and Great Words of Reminder to Us About Those Who We Still Have in Our Lives. Cherish Them !

Enjoy The Pics Below... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites ! Thank You !

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love Life [Style Ses-Sion No.1] #CalligrafistPhotography

LifeStyle Event Hosted By High Quality Brands at Bumble and bumble... 

Great atmosphere, awesome networking environment and DJBlaze Killing The Sounds !

Enjoy The Pics Below... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites ! Thank You !

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Kube 93 Interviews Lupe Fiasco

While in Seattle, Lupe sat down with J Moore and DJ Hyphen at Kube 93 and had a lengthy conversation. Watch below as Lupe talks about his car collection, touring and keeping old songs in the vault.

Below Lu reveals DJ Simonsays produced "Crack", working with Soundtrakk, Justice League, DJ Dahi, Trouble Trouble, Glasses Malone, and Luke James for Tetsuo & Youth, originally wanting the album to be 10 tracks, being turned down for collaborations because of his President Obama statements, relationship with Rick Ross, his writing process and a lot more!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Four Qualities/Qualities of a Believer !

Ibn Abbas narrated that the Prophet said:

“There are four qualities, whoever is given them has truly been given the best in this world and the next. They are: a grateful heart [That is thankful to Allah], a remembering tongue [That mentions Allah often], an enduring body [To persevere through the trials], and a faithful wife.”

 The Prophet also said:

How wonderful is the case of a Believer!

There is good for him in whatever happens to him... and none, apart from him, enjoys this blessing. If he receives some bounty, he is grateful to Allah and this bounty brings good to him. And if some adversity befalls him, he is patient, and this affliction, too, brings good to him."


Thursday, November 21, 2013

From Blindness to Sight

Have you ever thought about the dua of Ya’qoub [Jacob] when he lost his son Yusuf [Joesph]? He spent many years turning to Allah in pain, sorrow and anguish over his lost son. His extreme sorrow eventually made him blind. Allah finally returned his beloved son to him and cured his blindness.

At no point did Ya’qoub stop making dua [prayer] or lose hope in Allah’s ability to return his son to him. In fact, he instructed his sons: 

despair not of relief from Allah. Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people” [12:87]. 

To this day, his beautiful duas are preserved in the Qur’an.

The power of dua is amazing, intense, and deep. Our predecessors in faith knew this and sought refuge in its power, but how well are we able to take advantage of this?


Check out the website for more details:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rugz D. Bewler Shares His Thoughts with Vibe Magazine

Rugz D. Bewler at Vibe

With Bené, the new mixtape by Rugz D. Bewler, only out for two weeks now, the Harlem MC is making his rounds to promote his latest project. On his campaign trail, Rugz D. Bewler stopped by the office of Vibe Magazine for an interview where he discussed Bené, interning at Roc-A-Fella Records, DD172/BluRoc Records, Dame Dash, New York City's rap scene, Harlem, and more.
Click here to read the full interview.
Click here to stream or download Bené.
Interview Quote:

"I’m from Harlem, where we love to snap and joke on each other, but it was all fun. I’ve never heard nobody call me wack, I’m sorry. The most I’ve heard is that I’m different and some people can’t fuck with it. No one’s ever run up on me and called me wack, and if they have, then who’s your man? Who do you believe in? Put him up."

Super Dope Interview, Proud of You Bro !


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fat & Furious Burger [Culinary Art]

Fat & Furious Burger is the brainchild of two French graphic designers, Thomas and Quentin. The two craft ultra-luxurious and totally-edible burgers creating visually stunning food imagery that combines highly creative art direction and exceptional culinary skill.

Above is the Excaliburger: Merlu l’enchanterelle, Brousseliande, Persilval, Lanceloignon, Moutarthtur, Berries Guinevere. Excalibun with poppies. 

View More Below After The Jump...

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Trust in Us Catering: Launch Party [NOV 16th 2013]

Saturday November 16th, Trust in Us Catering is Having a Launch Party for Their Catering Company... Which Means FOOD, FOOD and More FOOD [Beyond ALL, The Food Will Prevail] !!!

Eventbrite Details
Facebook Event Details [Updated Constantly] 

Great Atmosphere and As You Can See From The Flyer, We are Backed and Sponsored By Some Big Companies... Come Out Enjoy YourSelf, Invite ALL Your Friends and Family.

 The Launch Party Will Be at 
Colors NYC 
417 Lafayette St, NY, NY 10002

Doors Open at 8PM and Close at 2AM 

8:30PM - 11:30PM
Food Will be Served

Couple Confirmed Celebrities and Guests You Will Recognize 

Two Young Talented Chefs Mikail & Jahvel Joined Forces and Experiences to Create This Company [Trust in Us Catering], From Cooking for Barack Obama, to Cooking for Baby Showers These Chefs Have The Experience to Cater to ANY and ANYONE... Intimate Settings and Large Groups [400+] !

Both Went to Culinary Arts School and Graduated, These Aren't Some Random Individuals Who JUST Like to Cook and Decided to Start a Company, NO... These are Individuals Who LOVE to Cook and are Certified in it, Bumps, Bruises and SCARS of The Craft are Their Tattoos !

You Will Learn More About Them NOV 16th at Their Launch Party !

Advance Tickets are $15, 
Email: to Get Your Tickets !

Share This, Support This and Most of All Come Out and Enjoy... Remember It's All About The Food !


Thursday, November 07, 2013

New Mixtape: Bené - Rugz D Bewler

My Brother and Harlem Rep to The Bone... Rugz. He Gives You That Harlem Flavor [If You're really From Harlem You're Gonna LOVE This and If You're Not You're Gonna LOVE it Because You Get a Glimpse into Harlem] on This Project, Plus We All Know I'm a Sucker for Lyrics and He Delivers !

Also a a Muslim He Gives You Pieces of HimSelf, Def Check This Project.

Inspired by the movie City of God and one of the film's most beloved characters, Rugz D. Bewler set out to tell his tale of being Harlem's favorite alternative hood, resulting in the creation of his new mixtape, Bené [Listening Closely at The Skits, ALL in Portuguese, You'll be Taken Back to Parts of The Movie].

With lots of fan interest for the Kanye West assisted lead single "OnPoint" [audio and video], original production from Sean C & LV., Sal Dali, and Golden Child, plus a guest appearance by wordsmith J. Ivy, Rugz D. Bewler is making it publicly known that he is "the coolest muthfucka in the slums" and the leading candidate to restore faith in New York rap.
Rugz Had a Listening Session at Stadium Red Studios in Harlem The Night His Project Dropped... SMOKEY !!!

My Homie Rugz and I at His Listening Session at Stadium Red Studios !

Harlem !


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Chef "Raekwon" Supports Calligrafy !

 Much Respect to The Chef @Raekwon for Rocking The Cement Grey/Fire Red Fist Limited Sweatshirt and Supporting The Brand and Vision... Had a Dope Convo Yesterday, Stay Tuned ! 

God Willing.  

#CalligrafyLifeStyle #Raekwon #Wutang #IceHouse #TheChef #Art #ByCalligrafist #ArtIsLife #Support #Calligrafist 

Email: to Place Custom Orders ! 

[More Coming Soon]


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Raine Magazine’s Fall Fashion & Style Launch Party

Cover Artist Maria Valentino 

Raine Magazine's Fall Party Was a Hit from The Minute I Walked into EVR Lounge... Packed, Excellent Door Reception and Trendy/Fashionable Crowd. With Hot97's DJ on Deck Spinning, The Atmosphere Was Dope.

We got a preview of the MariaEliza Swim and Resort Collection by cover model Maria Valentino. Ms. Valentino was also on hand filming for her new reality series along with other special guests which included The Voice star Jermaine Paul, double-Emmy winning violinist Damien Escobar, Pop Dance Recording Artist Sariah and Broadway star Jake Boyd.

Author, Reality Star and DMX's Ex Wife Tashera Simmons Was Also in The Building With Her Team, Cool Individual [Pictures Below].

The event brought together leading influencers and read like a who’s who in fashion, entertainment and culture set against the swank interiors of the beautifully appointed EVR lounge, as tastemakers mingled while sipping on artisanal cocktails provided by Jack from Brooklyn. To close out the exciting evening, the 1st 200 guests received gift cards from OOBERLUXE followed by digital editions of Raine Magazine.

View Some Images Below


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