Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fat & Furious Burger [Culinary Art]

Fat & Furious Burger is the brainchild of two French graphic designers, Thomas and Quentin. The two craft ultra-luxurious and totally-edible burgers creating visually stunning food imagery that combines highly creative art direction and exceptional culinary skill.

Above is the Excaliburger: Merlu l’enchanterelle, Brousseliande, Persilval, Lanceloignon, Moutarthtur, Berries Guinevere. Excalibun with poppies. 

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The Pumpkin Brrrrrger. Carrots sectioned. Peppers scalped. Grilled Cheddar. Roasted beef steak. Skinned sweet potatoes. Pumpkin sauce and mustard squirt. Roquette terrified. Fiery piri piri peppers.

 Le Big

Burger d’amour. Bun with red caramel. Caramelized red onions. Pink lady apple. Pork chop. Chanterelles sheep cheese. Frozen black cherry. Currants.

Smurf Burger. Chopped Smurf. Smurf mushrooms with garlic and parsley. Cream smurf morels. Salad.

Fatter, Butter, Greaser Burger. Fatter, Butter, Greaser Burger. Around The Bun. Haddock After All. Technori. Robot Rocket. Aerodynamint. The Prawn Time Of Your Life. One More Lime. We’re up all night to get fatty.

The Thatcher Burger. Margaret duck. Old granny smith. Raifortme sauce. Parliament rapping. Big sauerkraut. Spinach

Burger white on white. Filet of chicken. Roasted camembert. Honey. Pickled onions in vinegar. Onions. Endive. Mushrooms.

Marie Antoinette Burger. Headless shrimp. Butchered bluefin. Shelled pistachios. Ground alfalfa. Finely guillotined fennel. Brushed ginger cream. Cream cheese on bun. Revolted taramasalata.

Trojan Burger. Breaded turkey cutlet. Pork bacon. Beef steak. Roasted chicken fillet.

Burger de la Renonciation. Papautée caramelized onions and canonical sugar. Retruite early. Benoix kernels. Seizeste lemon. Vaticanriandre. Heart of lettuce, and whim of the gods and jeweled fish eggs.

A Burger To Feed Them All. Smoked Sauron. Gandalf the White Sauce. Elven mustard. Community cucumber. Lord Of The Onion Rings.

pic and info: Fat & Furious Burger via designboom


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