Thursday, November 07, 2013

New Mixtape: Bené - Rugz D Bewler

My Brother and Harlem Rep to The Bone... Rugz. He Gives You That Harlem Flavor [If You're really From Harlem You're Gonna LOVE This and If You're Not You're Gonna LOVE it Because You Get a Glimpse into Harlem] on This Project, Plus We All Know I'm a Sucker for Lyrics and He Delivers !

Also a a Muslim He Gives You Pieces of HimSelf, Def Check This Project.

Inspired by the movie City of God and one of the film's most beloved characters, Rugz D. Bewler set out to tell his tale of being Harlem's favorite alternative hood, resulting in the creation of his new mixtape, Bené [Listening Closely at The Skits, ALL in Portuguese, You'll be Taken Back to Parts of The Movie].

With lots of fan interest for the Kanye West assisted lead single "OnPoint" [audio and video], original production from Sean C & LV., Sal Dali, and Golden Child, plus a guest appearance by wordsmith J. Ivy, Rugz D. Bewler is making it publicly known that he is "the coolest muthfucka in the slums" and the leading candidate to restore faith in New York rap.
Rugz Had a Listening Session at Stadium Red Studios in Harlem The Night His Project Dropped... SMOKEY !!!

My Homie Rugz and I at His Listening Session at Stadium Red Studios !

Harlem !


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