Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Thousand Cuts Episode 3: The Heatmakerz

While at Diamond District Studios in Manhattan, renown hip hop producer Rsonist of the Heatmakerz describes working with Locksmith and praises his talent and dedication. The Heatmakerz production is featured on Locksmith's album A Thousand Cuts now available everywhere online and select stores.

Shot by Me: Calligrafist
Edited by Brian Storm

Monday, April 28, 2014

Photos: She's Ryan Video Release Party #CalligrafistPhotography

Calligrafist Photography Randomly Ended Up at She's Ryan's Video Release Party to Grab Shots for Getty Images... [Ended Up Being a ZOO, Great Turn Out... Got My Shots and Left].

Photo Credit: Calligrafist 

All Photos on My FB Page !

Images Below...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Muslim Power 30

#MUSLIMPOWER30 has created a digital magazine of professional, creative, hardworking, and spiritual Muslims in an effort to spread love and positivity. We hope these features inspire everyone to be remarkable everyday. 

We should always reach for the impossible because the possibilities to help humanity are limitless. 

Feel free to download the compilation at the following link: 

Much Respect on My Feature, I'm Honored...


I Just Wanna Inspire My Generation and Those to Come Inshallah !
I Realize How You Live After You Die is as Important as Life.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Revolt Upfront 2014 #CalligrafistPhotography

Revolt Had it's First "Upfront" Since it Began... Dope Event and Great Networking Opp ! 

Calligrafist Photography "Snuck" in and Grabbed Some Shoots and Connected With A LOT of Individuals !
Had a Smooth 2Min Convo With Diddy and Andre Harrell... Was Great.

Too Many Celebs to Mention... Many My Lens Didn't Catch or Pics Came Out TOO Blurry !

Photo Credit: Calligrafist
Some of The Images Below !

Complete Photography Here... FB !

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Everyday People NYC 4/20 #CalligrafistPhotography

Chef Roble's EverydayPPLNYC Was on 4/20 and Bas Was The Main Performer... EP is a Huge Event in NYC for Taste Makers [Man Those Shrimp and Grits Were BANGIN !!!].

Calligrafist Photography Was There to Capture Some of The Moments [Way Too Many to Catch Them All]... Below You Can Enjoy The Images From The Lens of Calligrafist !

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

THIS IMAGE COST $9,170 to make...

This image cost $9,170 to make. In order to create this image I had to use my $2500 Camera, $2300 Lens, $20 Gas, $675 Manfrotto tripod, $2,800 Macbook Pro, $875 Editing software... that totals $9,170. 

 Now add to this the amount of time you spend on the image... driving, location scouting, prep, shooting, and post production. Of course this single image didn't cost me that much to shoot, but that's how much the gear costs and what goes into a shoot.

So when folks ask to use your photo for free (your lucky if they ask cuz most people just take it), tell them that it wasn't free to create. Instead of giving away your work for free (if you feel obliged to use your art for charity), start giving it away at cost. Meaning, charge a minimal fee for what it cost you to make the image. If its not free to create and you give it away FOR FREE, then essentially you are paying out of pocket to let someone use your photo. If that's what you're into, then by all means.. keep giving. But if you art is your business, then you have to treat it like a business.

Via - Mustafa Davis

See Comments Here.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cipha Sounds Bday Weekend... #CalligrafistPhotography

FatMemoirs x Sheph of Trust in Us Catering at HOT97 for Cipha Sounds Surprise Bday Breakfast...

 Photo Credit: Calligrafist

All Photos on My FB Page !

Images Below...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

August Alsina's Album Release Concert [Calligrafist Photography]

August Alsina Had SOB's on Tilt for His Album Release Concert, SOOO Much Estrogen Flowing Was Crazy... 
Yungin" Has Arrived in A Major Way !

NYC Artist 360 Opened for August, With Special Guests "DJ Khaled, Angela Yee, and K. Michelle" Gracing The Stage !

Calligrafist Photography Was There to Capture The Concert, Enjoy !
View Entire Album HERE !

Images Below

Riding 4 The King Listening Event [Calligrafist Photography]

Riding 4 The King Listening Event for "Junior Mafia Dons"... at Daddy's House !

Calligrafist Photography Slid Through for a Few to Show Love and Capture Some Shots and Show Love !

Photo Credit: Calligrafist

Download The Mixtape NOW ! 

Rest of The Images HERE

 Photo Credit: Ismail Calligrafist Sayeed for #CalligrafistPhotography

Enjoy The Pics... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist x @calligrafistPhotography and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites !

Thank You !

© 2014 Ismail Sayeed •


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nema's Boom Boom Room at Toshi's [Calligrafist Photography]

Ismail of Calligrafist Photography Was on Hand to Capture a Few Shots at NBBR at Toshi's Living Room in NYC...

I Honestly Went to be an Observer and Enjoy The Music and Atmosphere... But You Know I Couldn't Help But Pull My Main Chick Out and Shoot The Spot Up a Lil, Ha !

 *Respect The Shooter* #GetShotUpByCalligrafist

Needless to Say, A Whole Bunch of My "Faves" Were in The Building... Artists and Attendees Alike, and I'll Stop There.

Photo Credit: Calligrafist for @CalligrafistPhotography !

View Images Below

Click HERE to View The Photos in Their Entirety...

Monday, April 07, 2014

Sucha Boss Lady Mixer Event [Calligrafist Photography]

Sucha Boss Lady Mixer Hosted by Aris Williams of

Performances by: LeA Robinson x Shareen Amour

Photo Credit: Calligrafist Photography 

Images Below

View Entire Album Here !

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Nevada Smith's [Calligrafist Photography]

Random Shots From LyfeStyleNYC's Pop Up Shop at Nevada Smiths 

Photo Credit: Calligrafist for Calligrafist Photography

Moose x Stuff Fly People Like

 Coco and Breezy

 Spaglo x MarieDriven

Maino x Amadeus

Enjoy The Pics... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist x @calligrafistPhotography and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites !

Thank You !

© 2014 Ismail Sayeed •


Jack Thriller Presents: 16 or Better Ep1

Jack Thriller Presents "16 or Better" EP1, A Cypher Featuring [Kaj Kadence, Denzil Porter, Aaron Cohen, and Justina]. 

Directed by: Mazi O

Photo Credit: Calligrafist Photography

This is Only The Beginning... STAY TUNED for More BARS !




Saturday, April 05, 2014

Calligrafist Photography: Through The City [NYC]

I Love My City... NYC !

Photo Credit: Calligrafist


Location: Quad Studios


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hardest Song Ever - Locksmith

 "Hardest Song Ever" is the first official song and video off Locksmith's album A THOUSAND CUTS due out April 15th.

"This my personal account of abuse and its effect on my life. If my story can help any other person that is suffering then I am truly grateful."

The song is produced by Locksmith & Mike Blankenship. 

[Percussion by Mike TopNoch, Bass by Brady Watt, Bass by John Cave]

The video is directed by The Young Gunz of Blk Bloc

In The Words of Lock:
When I was very young, maybe 5 or 6 years old, I was sexually abused. It is secret that I have kept for pretty much my entire life. I was always ashamed or too scared to tell anyone. As I grew older I buried the memory of the abuse deeper and deeper within my conscious. It was to the point where I actually forgot it ever happened. But it wasn’t until I was older that I realized the long lasting effects it had on my life. No matter how hard I tried to forget, I couldn’t erase what happened. It wasn’t until I finally acknowledged what had happen that I was able understand and cope with horrific crime that I had been the victim of. It was then when I realized that I must confront this and expose it so that I can move with my life. Learn to trust again. Learn love again. Begin to heal. This literally was the hardest song I have ever had to write. But it is also the most necessary one as well. And if my story can help anyone else who has suffered then I have truly accomplished something special. Thank you all so much.
Davood Ali

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

PreOrder "Locksmith's" ATC Album + Tracklist

a thousand cuts cover
With one of the most lyrical assault of 2014 under his belt with the R.A. the Rugged-assisted "House of Games II," Locksmith decides to let loose the official cover art and tracklisting to his upcoming album, A Thousand Cuts.
01 Who I Am f. Rebecca Nobel
02 Willie Lynch
03 Imperfect f. Jarell Perry
04 Fuckin' Idols
05 The Know f. Fallon
06 Hardest Song Ever f. Leah T
07 Free f. Rebecca Nobel
08 Your Loss f. Anesha
09 I.O.U. f. Rebecca Nobel
10 Why You Leave
11 Jaded f. Olamide Fasion
12 House of Games II f. R.A. the Rugged Man
13 Hip Hop f. DJ J Espinosa
April 15th is the date; pre-orders available on iTunes



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