Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hardest Song Ever - Locksmith

 "Hardest Song Ever" is the first official song and video off Locksmith's album A THOUSAND CUTS due out April 15th.

"This my personal account of abuse and its effect on my life. If my story can help any other person that is suffering then I am truly grateful."

The song is produced by Locksmith & Mike Blankenship. 

[Percussion by Mike TopNoch, Bass by Brady Watt, Bass by John Cave]

The video is directed by The Young Gunz of Blk Bloc

In The Words of Lock:
When I was very young, maybe 5 or 6 years old, I was sexually abused. It is secret that I have kept for pretty much my entire life. I was always ashamed or too scared to tell anyone. As I grew older I buried the memory of the abuse deeper and deeper within my conscious. It was to the point where I actually forgot it ever happened. But it wasn’t until I was older that I realized the long lasting effects it had on my life. No matter how hard I tried to forget, I couldn’t erase what happened. It wasn’t until I finally acknowledged what had happen that I was able understand and cope with horrific crime that I had been the victim of. It was then when I realized that I must confront this and expose it so that I can move with my life. Learn to trust again. Learn love again. Begin to heal. This literally was the hardest song I have ever had to write. But it is also the most necessary one as well. And if my story can help anyone else who has suffered then I have truly accomplished something special. Thank you all so much.
Davood Ali

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