Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Calligrafist Thoughts | Day 25 | Human Life | Ramadhan 2014

As Ramadhan Comes to an end... My Thoughts and Prayers are With Those Suffering ALL Over The World, Muslim and Non Muslim Alike [Palestine, China, Burma, Nigeria, Chicago, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russsia... Etc]. It saddens me to see people die for simply standing up for themselves or their beliefs [What is Happening in Iraq with ISIS is disturbing as well], but what really saddens me is the fact that children are being Killed.. Innocent Children. Human Life is Being Devalued in The Name of What ??? As a Young Child I Was Taught to Hate No One... But how can you not hate anyone who intentionally Kills [Maims] children, women and the elderly as a means of "retaliation" ???

May Allah [God] give the oppressed around the world peace, solace, and alleviate their sufferings. 

The abuse of power we are seeing every day is scary... 

May Allah allow love for one another to moisten our hearts, May he remove the mischief makers from this earth. May Allah soften the hearts of those with an upper hand and allow them to act justly towards those weaker than them... May Allah Help The People in Distress. 

Who just shoots down an aircraft full of "innocent" people for no apparent reason, is the value of life so minuscule ???

I don't really speak about politics publicly and this isn't a political post, this is a humanity post. The value of Human Life seems to be worth nothing nowadays [just turn the TV, on look on The internet and you'll see it front and center all over the world and even right here in America...]. 

peace is only possible with justice and with information that gives us the power to act justly.

As humans we have to love and respect each. Stand for what's right even if it's against your own people, friends, family and nation. Wrong is wrong.. Right is right.. Question is "will we have the courage to speak out against, take the proper action against and truly hate what's wrong in this world ? Or are we gonna just stand back and be onlookers nonchalant about the state of our world ???". Allah give us the courage and strength. 

Not sure if I believe in Karma or Not... But someone said " The Karma will always find a place to land". 

Always Remember Allah's help is with the oppressed, BEWARE ! [everything happens in its time and Allah is the best of planners... We have to be patient in his plan, even though it can be tough at times, we have to understand and know his promises are TRUTH]

I'm grateful for Ramadhan, it gives me a sense of hope. May Allah accept whatever good we do in this month and these last couple of days. 

I'm just sharing what's on my mind and in my heart at this very moment... Rambling and thoughts of a concerned individual of the human race.

What is Happening  in The World Saddens Me...

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