Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brother Ali at Knitting Factory [Calligrafist Photography]

Had The Pleasure of Being The Only Photographer at The Super Dope Brother Ali's NYC Stop for His "Home Away From Home" Tour at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

Below You Can See Some Images, More on My Facebook.

Brother Ali is One of The Most Genuine Individuals I Have Ever Met, Have You Ever Hugged Him ? When You Do You Will Understand, Have You Ever Had a Convo With Him and Saw The Way He Engaged With You ???

Needless to Say He Killed That Brooklyn Stage and His Openers Killed too.

Bambu Was My Personal Favorite, and His Son [Brother Ali's] Randomly Came Out for an Impromptu Dance Set... Ha !


                      Photo Credit: Ismail Calligrafist Sayeed for #CalligrafistPhotography

Enjoy The Pics... Don't Forget to Tag Me @Calligrafist x @calligrafistPhotography and My Hashtag #CalligrafistPhotography if You Repost The Pictures on Your Social Sites !

Thank You !

© 2014 Ismail Sayeed


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