Thursday, January 08, 2015

Boys Will Always Be Boys... But Not Always Men !

If you are a young man, take steps towards really benefiting from the freedoms you've been afforded. Seek out mentorship and friends that will help you to reach your best. Take the time to step away from what everyone else does and figure out what you think makes the most sense to be doing with your time. Just because the world you live in lets you get away with most thing doesn't make it okay. Anyone can at the end of the day get a girl to go out with them. Anyone can be popular and athletic. Anyone can tell crude jokes or be tough and make fun of those that are weaker than they are. Not everyone steps up to responsibility, though, when the time comes. Not everyone takes on challenges instead of running away from them. Not everyone knows how to honor the rights of those around them. Not everyone knows how to admit they make mistakes and then do right by them. Not everyone knows how to have confidence in themselves and what they have to offer to the world. But at the end of the day anyone can be a boy, not everyone knows how to be a man. 
If it is in fact, a "Man's World," then at least let's fill it with better men.
The issue that escapes us is how it's unfair to young boys and men that we don't expect more from them. Automatically our tone and tenor changes to denial or outright refusal when this issue is raised, the result of which is a cycle that perpetuates itself of young men not knowing how to reach their potential or being creative in their own sense of aspiration. Instead, they end up being quite immature, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and lagging behind in their personal emergence of adulthood, especially when compared to their female counterparts.

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