Monday, July 20, 2015

RidzDesign Presents "Third Voice" - Featuring: Calligrafist [Video]

Starring: Calligrafist

Shot and Directed By: Ridwan Adhami

Words From The Director Below:

Are we talking about race and racism in our communities?
Are we talking about judgment and assumptions?
Are we addressing the issues we have within our own homes?
Are we serious when we say we don't hate or discriminate?
THAT is why I made this...
Because the first time I met this brother a little racist Arab inside me thought wow that black kid's Arabic is so good... and I paused and questioned myself... why did I just think that? That's why I made this...
I had the idea that night and walked up to him right afterwards and spoke to him about it... that was over 5 years ago...
We still aren't having those conversations in our community...
We are still having issues letting our sons and daughters marry black brothers and sisters...
We are outraged when innocent light skinned people are killed... and the whole community joins together to stand up against the injustice...
Why do we not stand up together to fight the injustice of our own people against our own people?
We can never truly realize that all lives matter until we realize that ‪#‎BLACKLIVESMATTER‬...
‪#‎killyourego‬ ‪#‎standup‬ ‪#‎takeonhate‬ ‪#‎endracisism‬ ‪#‎lookinthemirror‬ ‪#‎yeahisaidit‬

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dua/Supplication When You Complete The Quran (Khatam-ul-Quran)

Many of us strive to complete the Quran in Ramadhan From start to finish, and many of have done so more than once, some even thrice.

A couple of ladies requested if they could get a copy of the Dua [Supplication] I made, so instead of sending it to just a couple individuals, I posted it on my blog so we all could benefit and use it in the future as well.

This Dua can be made at the time of completing the Quran, and is not "THEE" Dua for completing, is "A" Dua... There is NO specific Dua for completing the Quran, it is a Sunnah [practice of the Prophet] to make Dua.

English Translation At The Bottom.
Allah, the Most High, the Most Great, has spoken the truth, His noble Messenger has spoken the truth, and we are witnesses to that. Our Lord! Accept from us, for verily you are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

Allah! Grant us with every harf [letter] of the Qur’an halawah [sweetness]
and with every juz [part] of the Qur’an jazaa [reward].
Allah! Grant us with (the recitation of every) alif, ulfah [love]

with (every) baa, barakah [blessing]

with (every) taa, tawbah [repentance]

with (every) thaa, thawaab [reward]

with (every) jeem, jamaal [beauty]

with (every) haa, hikmah [wisdom]

with (every) khaa, khair [goodness]

with (every) daal, daleel [proof]

with (every) dhaal, dhakaa [intelligence]

with (every) raa, rahmah [mercy]

with (every) zaa, zakaah [purity]

with (every) seen, sa’aadah [happiness]

with (every) sheen, shifaa’ [cure]

with (every) saad, sidq [sincerity]

with (every) dhaad, dhiyaa’ [light]

with (every) taa, taraawah [tenderness]

with (every) dhaa, Dhafar [victory]

with (every) ‘ain, ‘ilm [knowledge]

with (every) ghain, ghinaa [wealth]

with (every) faa, falaah [success]

with (every) qaaf, qurbah [nearness]

with (every) kaaf, karamah [nobility]

with (every) laam, lutf [gentleness]

with (every) meem, maw’izah [exhortation]

with (every) nun, noor [light]

with (every) waaw, wuslah [connection]

with (every) haa, hidayah [guidance]

and with (every) yaa, yaqeen [certainty]

Allah! Benefit us through the the great Qur’an, and raise us through the ayat [verses] and the wise Remembrance. Accept from us our recitation and overlook for us that which was present in the recitation of the Qur’an – of mistakes,  forgetfulness or negligent pronunciation in changing words from their [correct] places. Or advancing, delaying, adding or subtracting. Or interpretation [according to] other than what You have revealed. Or doubt, uncertainty or bad reading. Or hurrying while reciting the Qur’an, laziness, hastiness or a swerving tongue. Or stopping without wuquf, idghaam without mudgham, iz-haar without bayaan or madd, tashdeed, hamzah, jazm or i’raab, [according to] other than what You have decreed. Or lack of longing and fear at the [time of reciting] the ayat of mercy and the ayat of punishment. So forgive us, our Lord, and write us as amongst the witnesses.
Allah! Illuminate our hearts with the Qur’an, beautify our character with the Qur’an, save us from the Fire with the Qur’an, and enter us into Paradise with the Qur’an.

Allah! Make the Qur’an for us in this world a qareen [intimate], in the grave a mu’nis [companion], upon the path a nur [light], in Paradise a rafeeq [friend], from the Fire a sitr [shield] and a hijab [barrier], and to good deeds – all of them – a daleel [evidence]. So record for us upon the completion and grant us fulfillment with the heart and tongue, love of goodness; happiness and glad tidings of faith.

And the blessings of Allah, exalted be He, be upon the best of His creation, Muhammad, upon his family and his companions, and much, much peace.




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